Topic: Yogasanas

Date: 24th September – 25th September


  • 6.00 AM – 9.00 AM
  • 3.00 PM – 6.00 PM

Venue: 1st Floor, Samaj Kalyan Kendra, Dahisar Sports Foundation, Near Jari Mari Garden, CS Road, Dahisar (E), Mumbai – 400068

No. of sessions: 4 (all sessions are compulsory)


Samit Pathak
(Team Yoganetra)


  1. Empty stomach condition is a must – at least 4 hours from last full meal; 2.5 hours from light meal (sandwich, etc.); 1.5 hours from beverages (tea, coffee, etc.)
  2. Please be seated at the venue at least 5 minutes before the session timing
  3. Please get your own yoga mat (It’s a must)
  4. Mobile phones to be kept on silent or on flight mode while the session is on
  5. All sessions of the program are mandatory / compulsory to attend
  6. No water to be consumed during the session
  7. Any queries regarding the practice to be asked at the end of the session
  8. If you have any medical condition or have undergone a surgery in the last 6 months, please contact our team