What Clients Say

Attended the Surya Kriya workshop at Yoganetra on Feb 24-25, 2018. What an experience! Samit is an extremely professional instructor with a very unique way of teaching the asanas. His school of thought advocates that an individual knows his body best, so there is no need for a teacher to hurtingly push them into positions. The technique must be correct and the reason/benefits for those techniques must be understood – that was his aim which he successfully achieved. Haven’t had such a deep feeling of peace and quiet in a long time. When I continue the practice in my daily life, I’m sure his repeated instructions will resonate in my mind. Thank you so much for the wonderful learning experience. Will recommend to all who desire a wholesome heathy lifestyle.

Surya Soman Pillai

I attended 4 day Surya Kriya session and it was the best I did in my life. It changed the whole way of mind, body and soul.Thank You for being an amazing guide. My health has been great since and I feel great.

Sajna Aboosali

I attended the Surya Kriya workshop in September 2018 after rigorously following Sadhguru and Isha foundation for a year and having seen the whole video of the Hatha Yoga teacher training program but experiencing the teaching and learning, first hand through Samit was proof of the meticulous details they pay attention to. It has been a wonderful experience practicing the Kriya and am surely going to complete the full Hatha yoga program Samit/Isha has to offer, after i master the Surya Kriya itself.

Vishal Patel

I attended Surya kriya and Surya Shakti workshop in last January at yoganetra. Since then I have been practicing Surya kriya regularly. It increased my strength strength tremendously. Samit sir is very calm and gentle with the participants. Yoganetra is a very good place to start with an opportunity to learn hath yoga.

Urmila Nayak

Attending Samit’s class was wonderful as he calmly explained the significance of each step of each asana. Some of them were tough but after the session, it gave a big exhilarating feeling. I wish to attend many more, if possible in Kolkata itself. Wish him all the best for the future and wish all his future students a rewarding experience.

Dr. Barnik Choudhury

I and my Husband have taken 4 sessions of Surya Kriya from Samit and it has been a great experience to understand the balance of mind & body and of course the power of visualisation. Thank you for all the help!

Nandini Shastri

I attended Samit?s class in Kolkata and it was a real eye opener. His calm composure and style of teaching is amazing. I wish he was in Kolkata so that I could really benefit from his class. I wish him all the best

Samit Malhotra

At Yoganetra Samit ensures individual attention to every Sadhak constantly encouraging them to Perfect their Yoga postures without pushing them too hard. Every diligent student in due course is bound to experience increased flexibility energy and strength. My family members and I have benefited immensely at Yoganetra.

Rajiv Khanna